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Talitha and the Eyes of SAINT PAUL

By David Trobisch

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A Civil War Campaign Through Missouri
Recollections of a German Soldier

Including the Original German Transcript. Compiled by Dennis Hood. Translated and introduced by Dr. Stephen Trobisch. Edited by Cynthia Johnson.

Based on the original journal kept by an unidentified soldier, this book presents a succinctly German perspective on a military campaign through Missouri in early 1862 in the wake of the momentous Battle of Wilson’s Creek in August, 1861. From between the lines emerges a passion for describing not only the events of the campaign, but also personal interpretations and insights endowed with philosophical and even poetic facets. The author of the Recollections displays skill and versatility in his writing, and most importantly, a compelling need for verbal expression of a momentous experience in his life. Transcribed in German, translated into English, with a critical introduction, illustrations, photographs and bibliography. 

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A Civil War Campaign through Missouri

Wayne Holmes: Rocky Comfort

A plainspoken and one of a kind account, set mainly in the Missouri Ozarks during the Great Depression, of one boy’s bumpy struggle through childhood and puberty to early manhood. Often humorous, occasionally bawdy, sometimes iconoclastic and perhaps unsettling, it’s a must read.

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Wayne Holmes: Rocky Comfort 

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